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When asked about their preference for receiving care, most elderly persons answer, "What I would really like to do is to stay right here." The person's own home represents security and independence to most Americans. Most housing, however, is designed for the young, active and mobile person. To live at home, one must be able to drive, go shopping, cook and do household chores. Many people lose one or more of these abilities as they grow older.

One option is to purchase in-home services. Workers can provide household care, personal services, gardening, shopping, cooking and so forth. However, this can be expensive and requires much management and coordination.

For people willing to relocate, there are many options, but there may be some confusion about the terms used. Most options fall into three categories, based on the level of services and care provided:

1) Independent Retirement Housing provides meals, activities, housekeeping and maintenance to independent residents;

2) Assisted Living provides housing along with supportive services for persons needing assistance with personal care or medications. The adult residential care home (ARCH) in Hawaii is one model of assisted living facility;

3) Nursing Facilities provide comprehensive care services in an institutional setting.

4) Continuing Care Retirement Communities combine independent living, assisted living and a nursing facility under one roof. Two continuing care retirement communities are available in Hawaii. They are Arcadia in Honolulu and Pohai Nani Good Samaritan Kauhale in Kaneohe.

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